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All about us

Here are 5 reasons to join IHBC

EASY · Playing bowls is very easy. Whatever your physique, age or ability bowls is a sport for everybody, it will help improve your fitness levels and mental wellbeing.
CHEAP · Bowls is inexpensive. To get going you don’t need lots of new kit just turn up with flat shoes and borrow the club bowls.

POPULAR · After football, bowls has the second highest number of clubs in the country. 

INCLUSIVE · Compared to most sports, age and gender differences have less of an effect on a game of bowls, so it’s a perfect sport to spend time and enjoy a bit of friendly competition with your family and friends.

FUN · Our bowls club is a sociable place full of people looking to have a good time, it is a great way to relax, make new friends and and feel part of your local community.

     We offer:-

  • A friendly, welcoming club
  • A chance to learn a new skill
  • An opportunity to keep active
  • Improved wellbeing
  • An opportunity to meet new people
  • A members bar at club prices
  • Free coaching
  • One of the best greens in the country
  • Friday night- fun night
  • Weekly walking group with pub lunch


   Iver Heath    Bowls Club All about us