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Bowls etiquette

Bowls is a  friendly game, although some players are more competitive than others! Here are some points of etiquette  that may help. 

  •  Start and finish the game with a handshake and a smile.
  •  Enter and leave the green by your rink.
  •  On a sunny day make sure that you are not casting a shadow over the head.
  •  When you are waiting your turn to bowl be aware of what is going on around you. Don’t talk when someone is about to     bowl and stand behind them.
  •  Remember that no one bowls a bad wood on purpose so encourage all team members.
  • Don’t walk on adjacent rinks.
  • Always stand still at the head and not directly behind the jack or in front of the rink markers.
  • Greens are delicate and you can easily cause damage.
  • Check that your technique is not causing marks.
  • Never drop or kick bowls.
  • As soon as your wood comes to rest the possession of the rink becomes the opponents.
  • Wait to ask any questions until the mat is in your possession and it is your turn to bowl.
  • Never criticise opponents play. Learn to accept “lucky wicks” and shots- they will balance out for and against you in the  long run.
  • If the bar is open it is usually the home player who asks their opponent if they would like a drink. The visitor can     reciprocate later.          
  • If you are a spectator do not walk in front of a bowler who about to bowl. Stand still. Remember this when you enter the ground.